Starting to realise I should write at least a couple of blog posts here so that the comic doesn’t look abandoned.  I usually cringe reading over past blog posts I’ve made, so I wanted to save myself from a bit of that.

My only grand plan at the minute for Lowry Walk is to tell the story. I won’t be submitting to publishers, I won’t be serialising in print, I more than likely won’t be turning up at conventions. That’s a bad plan in terms of making money, I know, but I just want to keep enjoying working on the comic with the minimum of self-inflicted anxiety.

There’s an inkling of an idea of putting some kind of book together once I’ve at least got the first issue completed, but I’ll think more seriously about that once I get there. I’m tempted to put together a black and white minicomic of each issue for Patrons, but again – that’s a plan for later.

Anyway, I hope you’re enjoying the comic so far. I’m on course to keep the weekly updates coming.

Please consider becoming a Patron if you want to help me keep my motivation up and see advance black and white and colour pages, as well as sketchbook excerpts and other bits. The link’s in the sidebar.

Murderings, nudity, fun and further blog posts are coming up soon.